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Savanna Cement Company Limited (SAVACEM)

is a private limited liability company, incorporated under the companies code 1963 (Act 179) in July 1997. The company's authorized business activities include;

  • the production of clinker and cement from the Buipe limestone deposit;
  • the marketing and sales of cement.

The company is jointly owned by Amalgamated Investments Ltd. and DIAMOMD CEMEMT Co. Ltd.

Company Profile

Name of Company: - Savanna Cement Company Limited (SAVACEM)

Postal Address:- P.O. Box AN 8377, Accra North
Telephone:- 233-302-778817/778648, 024-4668691, 24-4231585, 024-4341734.
Fax:- 233-302-778649

Location:- 153-Giffard Road, near 37-Military Hospital, Accra

Chairman: - Mr. Sabah Bedwei Majdoub.

Joint Venture Partnership
SAVACEM signed a joint venture agreement with Diamond Cement dated May 23, 2007. The two companies have formed another company known as SAVANNA DIAMOND CO. LTD. for the production of Clinker/Cement.



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